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how's your january going?


Winter is not a season, it's an occupation.
- Sinclair Lewis                                                     



It is a full time job keeping warm an attic apartment in a century stone farmhouse with single pane glass and no operating furnace (it was supposed to be installed weeks ago, hard to get good help these days).



Bear in mind that all that frost is on the INSIDE. Thank goodness for our little wood stove...

...and thoughts of summer warm our hearts are never far from our minds.



Meet my new best friend: a gas powered, hydraulic log splitter supplied by our landlord.



To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring.
 - W.J. Vogel                                              



New Show Added!


I have just added MotorCity ComicCon to the schedule!

Here is a list of the conventions I will attending (so far) this year:

(click on the name to go to their site)









Spread the word.

Hope to see some of you at one of these shows!




Merry Christmas!


Santa and Mrs. Claus attended the Pride Stables Christmas open house.

During the Claus' visit, Gerhard and Shelley were conspicuously absent  and then reappeared in time to help clean up.





This is a pencil drawing that I did of Shel and I and is what our moms are getting for Christmas:



Merry Christmas everyone and the very best of wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



cottage industry...


I just finished up some last minute Christmas presents for Michelle and her family.

The Yakes' Cottage Series:







Mmmmmmm... cottages and summertime.

The days start getting longer soon.

Happy Winter Solstice!




Christmas Comes Early...


The family gathers 'round for some Dream Time.



Thanks to Andrew and all the others at Locust Moon Press for putting out a truly unique and beautiful book.

My copy of Little Nemo, Dream Another Dream arrived safely last week.


Bet you wish you had one...





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