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Liitle Nemo in Gerhardland


Okay... here's how the inking turned out for the Little Nemo imaginary cover:



Here's a bit of zoom in:



Thanks to Lou Copeland who saw the pencilled version of this on a previous blog post and alerted me to this amazing project:


I contacted them and let them know I was doing this commission. I said that I didn't know if they'd be interested in including this in their book. I just thought that I'd show it to them and I thought it was an interesting coincidence. I received this reply:


"Wow, what a wonderful surprise! We're enormous fans of your work, and it's both lucky and amazing (not to mention flattering) that you'd reach out to us while in the midst of a Nemo commission. Of course we'd be honored to include this in the book! It looks incredible already."


So... how cool is that?





California here I come...


...right back where I started from.


Through the generosity and graciousness of Charles Costas (frequent commissioner and all round great guy) and

Steven Morger (at Big Wow and by all indications also a great guy) I will be attending the Big Wow ComicFest!!!


I haven't been to the Bay area for a very long time.




My first visit to California was exactly 30 years ago for the one-and-only PetuniaCon. I love the synchronicity.


I hope any of you in the area will be able to make it to the show and I look forward seeing you.


It's been too long.





Size Matters...


I received this commission request from Erik:


"I’d like you to design a full color cover for a fictitious Little Nemo story. As paper size I have 15”x20” in mind (your ‘Gerhard dreams’ print format). I would like a dream scene with Nemo in which there are also (dreamlike) buildings and animals.  And I would like you to design the lettering for the title of this ‘book’."

What a great idea! I dove in enthusiastically. I laid it all out first. Then I started pencilling and when I got this far, I suddenly realized that I've laid it out with the image size as 15 x 20 instead of the paper size and that this is twice as big as requested.




I started again. The image size is now 12 x 16. It's a good thing I realized my mistake before I got any further. I wouldn't want to have done all of this twice...wait... I still have to ink it. So I am going to do this twice.




Stay tuned.




Getting Back to the Drawing Board


 I've been away from home and therefore away from the drawing board for the past few weeks.

We have an arrangement with friends of ours in which they go to Mexico and bask in the sunshine while we stay at their place and do renovations to their house. It's a little irksome to think of them on a sandy beach while I'm sanding their walls but we get a little extra cash and they have this wonderful thing in their basement that turns on automatically and blows warm air through the house without me having to feed wood into it every forty frickin' minutes. So it's almost like a little mini vacation for me too. Almost.
I hope to post some actual drawing here soon but in the meantime, here's another "fun" thing I did on the computer:
Step 1: take a section of rocky shoreline reflected in mirror-calm water:



Step 2: flip it horizontally, select an area to highlight:





Step 3: add more highlights and shading and blur:





Like I said, just for fun. There are literally a million different things you could see in even the smallest section of shoreline.


Okay... back to the old drawing board.





Fun On The Computer


While I was colouring the "One Day on Georgian Bay" story (see previous post) I was getting used to the GNU image manipulation program (GIMP) that I downloaded for free (like I can afford Photoshop) and thought of some other things I'd like to try.


This is from a photo I had taken a while ago and I was just trying a few techniques. I might have to get one of those drawing tablets and pens. Drawing with a mouse is like trying to draw with a bar of soap.




This is from an image I found when I did a search on "Gothic" for a commission I was working on:





Then I did one of Shel so she wouldn't get all mad because I was drawing skinny Goth Girls:





I like hers better anyway.



Then I did this:






242 individual drawings that go by in 9 seconds.

Odd what some people consider "fun".



I better get back to work.





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