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Calgary Commissions Inked


Here's how the inks turned out for John and Dean's commissions:



I had decided to crosshatch the Batman because I wanted him to look 'gargoyle-like'. I ended up putting a grey wash on him as well to make him stand out a little more. Unfortunately all that crosshatching doesn't show up well on the screen.



This one turned out well. This is just a photo, I'll be getting it scanned soon.

I will be making prints available and will announce sizes/pricing here soon.



Less than 3 weeks now until the Calgary show:

Hope to see some of you there!




Calgary Commissions


Here are the pencils for two commissions that I have for John and Dean in Calgary.




I am inking them now and will be taking them with me to the show, April 16 - 19.




This one is rather large at 20" x 30" and, if I don't screw it up, should be quite a show stopper.

(For Cerebus fans, anyaway.)



Speaking of Cerebus fans, it's been really nice to see the outpouring of good wishes and prayers for Dave during his time in the hospital. I would like to add my own best wishes for his full and speedy recovery.




Technical difficulties


I seem to be having trouble uploading images to this blog.


Guess I'll just keep drawing.


Hope to be able to share more images soon.







nanna nanna nanna...




Charles got Kelley Jones to do this Batman drawing and tasked me with adding the backgrounds.

My first "kick at the bat" was to surround him with gargoyles on this quick mock-up:



Charles thought that that was too many gargoyles and he wanted more definition and perceptive to the building.

In order to do that I had to try to figure out what was happening with the Batman's legs and what he was hanging on to.

That led to this bit of silliness and another mock-up:



Here is the way the final inks turned out:



And yet another computer mock-up to use as a colour guide:



While I was working on this, I was contacted by John in Calgary who asked me if I could do a pre-show commission of --- you guessed it --- Batman and a gargoyle.


Stay tuned to see how that one turns out.




Time & Again


I've agreed to contribute to the Calgary Expo Art-book. This year's theme is 'Adventures in Time'.

Here is a quickly Photo-shopped layout for my first idea which I have since rejected.



...still kinda cracks me up, though. Especially the little 'Intel' logo.


Here is one of the few things that you can do to have a little fun when it's minus 30 (again):

Throw a cup of boiling hot water into the air and watch as it turns instantly to ice fog...



... then quickly scamper back inside and pray for spring.




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