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Ger Gets G33Ked

This past weekend I was a "Special Guest" at the 2013 G33K Art Show.

It is a small event that "seeks to provide opportunities to emerging artists of comic, sci-fi, fantasy, animation and other alternative branches by offering a chance to showcase their work in an artistic setting".

This is their third year and the second time that the show was held in the Rotunda of the Kitchener City Hall.


Sell prints...                          ...don't sell prints...                  's all good.


For an exhibit/show like this, the Rotunda (as funny as the name sounds) is a great location; open and airy and bright.

The show was actually a lot of fun and we met some great people. Maybe I should started doing conventions again...

Gerhard's 2014 "Can You Believe It's Been Ten Years Since Issue 300?" Tour.







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