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remembering The Knick


I'm still working on a large project that is to remain confidential for now

and another large commission that I don't want to post until it's finished.

So... instead of griping about the weather (and believe me there's plenty to gripe about)

I thought I'd share some preliminary sketches from my "Knick" project a while back.


This is my initial sketch based on their suggestion to do a "cut-away" view of the hospital:




...and an idea to have "superimposed" images:





The building has some tall towers that I thought might lend themselves to a vertical format:





Then it occurred to me to make it look as if the building had literally been cut away, and the walls peeled back like skin...

I knew that they weren't going to go for this one but I just had to try it:





They decided on the horizontal format with see-through walls surrounded by images relating to the hospital,

and they sent me this sketch:

 I sent them back this layout based on their sketch:





...and they sent back this modified layout with comments and suggestions. This is getting pretty close to the final version:





Working on names and faces - portraits and lettering being things that I haven't had much practice with:





This was the initial drawing for the Surgery vignette. I had been briefed that the show deals a lot with pregnancy and birthing:





After they ran this by their legal department, I was told to "loose the baby."





This is the final 20" x 30" inked drawing which does not reduce well at screen resolution:





Here is a small section that looks a little better on screen:





There were a lot of versions and layouts and small little changes (mostly from the legal department) over the course of a hundred emails and a dozen of phone calls. I think, ultimately, we came out with a pretty good piece.

I had displayed a full size print at the Baltimore ComiCon and it literally stopped some people in their tracks as they went by.


So that's pretty cool.




Moby Dick...


"Shrouded in a thin drooping veil of mist, it hovered for a moment in the rainbowed air..."




Commissioned by Will (he just asked for something Moby Dick related).


For your own commissioned artwork contact me at




A G33K by any other name


Back in 2013 we attended the G33K Art Show.

This year they've "re-branded" as Altekrea Festival of Alternative Creation.

November 22 -23 in the Rotunda at the Kitchener City Hall.



There is also an Opening Gala on Friday the 21st, which looks pretty cool:




Shel and I will be attending the Gala as well as both days in the Rotunda.

If there are any of you in the area, we'd love to see you.




birds of a feather


Back in May, Mia & Charles asked me to draw the birds that visit their palm trees to use on their wedding announcement.




I was also asked to draw a close up of the pair of parakeets to use on the menu.




Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... sounds great!


Here's a bigger pic of the drawing:




Congratulations to Mia & Charles, thank you for letting me be a small part of your Big Day

and sincerest best wishes for happy and healthy future.



"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
- Mignon McLaughlin




happy halloween...


This house is on the route to and from the boat. They put on quite the display.




I can't imagine that they get a lot of trick-or-treaters since there are only about a dozen houses in the entire hamlet of Goldstone.




Here's are own spooky display.




Apparently I need to wash the windows. 




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