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last sail of the season


Another Georgian Blue Day for our last sail.




“Paradise” is a suffering word, grossly overused and ineptly devalued in everyday hype and blurb.

Yet, tired as it is, it will have to do. Nothing else conveys that sense of place that can inspire a blissful contentment.”

- Andrew Rayner


(The beer and wine don't hurt, either.)








For the past 45 years Kitchener-Waterloo has hosted Oktoberfest: the  "Largest Beer Festival Outside Munich" in which hundreds of thousands of people invade the area, making driving difficult and parking impossible. They cram themselves into halls and hockey rinks, pay exorbitant prices to consume excessive quantities of watery beer and  greasy food, listen to horrendous music and throw up on each other.





I thought that this was kind of a funny idea and that it might be amusing to draw Cerebus in lederhosen

...but it quickly became all about drawing a girl in a dirndl.







october sketch


Here's a sketch I did for  a commission idea...
 wasn't quite what they had in mind so the project's been shelved for now.


Shel really liked it so I put it in a frame and gave it to her for one of her Birthday Month presents.














Julie and Mike commissioned me to draw Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater", a house that sits atop a waterfall.




I wanted to accentuate the flow that Wright designed into the building by keeping the high

contrast areas in focus and letting the house blend into the foliage surrounding it.




Here are a couple of zoomed in detail views.




There was talk of adding some subtle colour to the piece but I think this is one of those that needs to stay black & white.

I'm going to try and hand colour a print or two and see how that turns out.




That email, again, to arrange a commission of your own is:


...operators are standing by.


georgian blue day


Passing the Cape Crocker lighthouse means we are officially out of Colpoy's Bay... for the first and only time this year.




It's been a pretty crappy summer for sailing. Now that fall is here we had the nicest weather all year.




I still had half a tank of two-year-old gas to get rid of, so we went motoring around a perfectly calm, blue bay.




The obligatory "Over the Bow Reflected in the Mirror-calm Water" shot.




"It was one of those perfect autumnal days which occur more frequently in memory than in life."

-P.D. James





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