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Dan the Man needs a hand


I just became aware of this:



Dan Vado, who IS Slave Labor Graphics, has started a "gofundme" campaign.


I've known Dan for 30 years now and I just had the pleasure of reconnecting with him on my recent return to California.

For 28 years Dan's passion for the art-form and his unique dogged determination have been the driving force behind SLG.

But now he's asking for help:


Do what you can, and help spread the word.






celebrations and secrets


The Little Nemo, Dream Another Dream Kickstarter campaign has been fully funded and keeps on going!



* * *



Pride Stables (where I do volunteer work and am on the board of directors) celebrated their 40th anniversary with a party:






* * *



Canada celebrates it's 147th birthday today.
, that's not me.




* * *



I'm in the midst of working on a big project. I've had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Makes it tough to post things to the blog.






Little Nemo tribute book


Kickstarter campaign started!!!





Philadelphia publishing company Locust Moon Press has announced a crowdfunding campaign to finance the printing of their hotly anticipated Winsor McCay tribute project LITTLE NEMO: DREAM ANOTHER DREAM. Featuring an almost impossibly star-studded lineup of over one hundred cartoonists and illustrators including Mike Allred, Bill Sienkiewicz, Paul Pope, Peter Bagge, J.H. Williams III, John Cassaday, J.G. Jones, Craig Thompson, David Mack, P. Craig Russell, Yuko Shimizu, Dean Haspiel, Paolo Rivera, Scott Morse, Denis Kitchen, Carla Speed McNeil (and ME! - Ger), this oversized hardcover anthology is among the most eagerly awaited publications of 2014.


Described by Mr. Allred as the “book of the decade,” and J.G. Jones as “perhaps the most stunningly ambitious comic project I've ever seen,” this unique publication will feature original strips that revisit the characters and universe of McCay's seminal turn-of-the-century Sunday newspaper strip, which remains an unmatched comic creation and one of the most inventive and visually stunning works of American art.


What began as a fledgling tribute project from a small press publisher quickly took on a life of its own, snowballing into a cause and crusade among comic creators and illustrators, who were excited to pay tribute to one of the true forefathers and founders of their medium.


To be printed at the full 16”x21” broadsheet size of the original Little Nemo newspaper strips, this collection will celebrate McCay's endless legacy, chart his influence on generations of modern cartoonists, and most of all shine a light back on an artist who has given his art form so much, and whose work should be more widely known.


The contents of the book, assembled over the past two years, are now complete. The deal with the printer is in place, and the Kickstarter campaign, to be launched on 6/23/2014, will go directly to cover printing costs, for a limited release in the fall of 2014, and national distribution in the spring of 2015. Locust Moon is inviting fans of art, illustration, and beauty of all kinds to get involved in this literal and figurative dream project: a love song for Winsor McCay, Little Nemo, and the limitless possibilities of comics.


*   *   *

Cerebus & Sophia


Rich had originally contacted me about doing a sketch at the Big Wow Comic Fest last month but it turned out that he couldn't attend. So we agreed to wait until I got back to do something for him. He was quite persistent in requesting a Red Sophia and Cerebus sketch although I repeatedly tried to warn him that it was Dave who drew the characters, not me.


This turned out to be more than just a "sketch" and it's a good thing we waited 'til I got back.



And if we're going to go this far, we might as well colour it too, right?







recurring dream...


I seem to have this recurring dream... first I started pencilling at the wrong size and had to start over; then I drew it again when I inked it; then I did a computer colouring; then I added an extended border to it so that it would fit into the Nemo book; and now,finally, I've hand-coloured the original ink drawing:



...I think I can now put this one to bed (nyuck, nyuck, nyuck...)




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