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portrait commission


I was commissioned by Fred to do a portrait of his wife and daughter.

He sent me three photos that I mashed together to get this compostiton:




We decided early on to make this a pencil drawing; it's much softer and more suited to the subjects.

I hope Duda and Daria agree. I know Fred does.



That email, again, to arrange your own commission is:






Cerebus sketches


Here are some sketches from the Baltimore Comicon. Even though I would explain to people that Dave is the one who drew the characters they still wanted to see what a Gerhard Cerebus would look like. So here they are:








Except for the first one, I did all of these once I got back home.

I was just too busy at the show to get all of the sketches done that I'd agreed to do.


Rookie mistake.


I'll know better next time.




Back from Baltimore...


After a 13 hour drive that Google maps said would take 8 hours (including almost an hour and a half at the border getting interrogated and having the car searched... twice), you know you've arrived in Baltimore when you see this:



Here's Shel and I at our super spacious booth supplied by the gracious people at the Baltimore Comic Con.




Me explaining, yet again, why my name is in the yearbook but not my art.

(I didn't get my art submitted in time because I was on a tight deadline finishing the "Knick" poster you see in the background. The yearbook people made a print of my contribution. If you got twenty contributor's signatures in your book you received three bonus prints including mine. It was a fun scavenger hunt that brought a lot of people to the table.)

(I got my copy of the print signed by Matt Wagner: cool.)



Skull sketch for Larry's daughter, Afton, neither of whom could be at the show but sent the sketch book along with Jeff (long story).



My first encounter with a "sketch cover" which are very popular now.

(I was asked to do a Cerebus wearing a Captain America costume and him not happy about it.)




A fellow artist at the show, Chris Otto, drew a fun, quick Cerebus that I put a quick background behind. I love the Missy doll.




Justin drops stacks of books to sign. I point out mistakes on the covers and

have fun showing Shel the pictures on the back covers where I look twelve years old.




Andrew from Locust Moon drops by with a copy of the Nemo tribute book.




This thing is AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to get my hands on my own personal copy... drool, drool, drool.




On Saturday night I presented the Harvey awards for Best American Edition of Foreign Material (I guess because I'm from Canada, eh?) and the award for Best Inker. It was a fun night, dinner was great and we got a HUGE bag of comics and books.




After the show we had to have a stroll around the inner harbour.




Rick Veitch and I on the forward deck of the USS Constellation...




...and squeezing through the WWII sub, Torsk. At 6' 4", I would not make a good submariner.




We split the drive home into two days and stayed in Mansfield PA. If you're ever in the area I would highly recommend the Lamb's Creek restaurant across from the Comfort Inn at the intersection of highways 15 and 6.

We had the Lamb's Creek salad and the ribs and a new soup they were trying out: Creamy Reuben's like a Reuben sandwich but in soup form! It was awesome! Perfect way to end the trip.




Oh... and by the way, total border crossing time back into Canada: about a minute and a half.











Baltimore here I come!

As they say: "Nothing runs like a Deere."



* * *


I have been asked to be a presenter for two of the categories at the Harvey Awards on Saturday night.

Which is an honour and also very cool, I think.



Hope I make it there in time.




summer time!


I've been working on a another commission that they've asked to remain confidential for now.


So... it's sailing pictures!


* * *


After a long, brutal winter and cool, wet spring that went on and on it finally warmed up enough to go swimming!



Granted, the water was only about 18 Celsius (65 F)... IF you stayed in the top foot or so.


Got a little sailing in as well...'s surprising how much more dramatic a photo is when you keep the boat level and let the horizon heel at 25 degrees...



...we didn't get the windows wet, though...



...maybe next time.



Hope you are all having a happy, healthy summer and I hope to see some of you next month in Baltimore!







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