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Motor City Con 2015:

Next weekend: St. Louis






Revving up for Motor City...


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Wrapping up a few loose ends before the show...
Jeff' S's cat:


...and under the "Ultra Cool" category:


I was asked to do the exclusive variant cover for the Wizard World St. Louis edition of The Walking Dead...





(any Cerebus fans recognize the sunset?)

...and there will be a black & white variant edition as well...




These will be available at the Wizard World St. Louis show, also coming up soon.






this and that...


Joe sent me a photo of his office walls complete with his prints of the Regency and Eschner on the left. Thanks Joe!



Here's a zoom out of a drawing I did for David L as a gift for his brother's ordination:



I work very close to the page and have to constantly lean back

to see if all those little lines actually look like something from a distance.




Our next show is coming up soon

(click on logo to go to their site):



I better brush up on my 'Gerebus' sketches.






Back from Calgary...

We're back from an awesomely amazing trip to Calgary Alberta and the Excellent Expo.

Unfortunately, all we got to see of Calgary was from the drive to and from the airport, the hotel window and the walk to and from the Expo (it was a half hour shuttle ride or a 15 minute walk).

Fortunately there was a very tall, noticeable landmark right across from the hotel making navigation very easy.


There were 102,000 attendees through the door over the four days and we got to sit at our table and watch the show go by.



Meeting, greeting and handing over commissions with Dean and Mark; always feels good getting those delivered safe and sound. It was a real pleasure finally getting to see Dean in person, we've been emailing for quite a while and he is the one who initiated contact with the show. Many thanks to Dean! ...and there we are at my table.



I was on a panel, 'Paint and Canvas vs Tablet and Stylus' with Bobby, Vic, Scott, Chris and moderated by Keith. It was a hoot. There may or may not be a podcast somewhere. Later, I'm catching up on my sketching back in the room.



I forgot to get a picture of my one and only superhero sketch; I did a Thor pencil sketch as a Kirby tribute.

Here are the sketches I did for Ruben:



Our neighbours, that helped make this such a great show: Bob Layton, Dexter Vines and Tom Cook.  Also, me and Greg, one of the many legions of staff and volunteers that made this The Most Awesomazingest Show Ever.

A special thanks to Blaine Tufts for having us at the show and to his wife, Marina, who organized the art auction and raised a record amount for the Make A Wish Foundation.



Here's the ice sphere that I had in my after-show shot of single malt...

and on the flight home, while Shel napped, I amused myself with...



...drawing a barf-bag hand puppet!





Calgary, here we come...


Heading out to Calgary today.

(click logo to go to their site)



We are at table X07 in what looks to a massive room.



Here is my piece that's in their 'Adventures In Time' themed Artbook:



...and here's how the inking turned out on Benedict's piece:



...and a closer look...




Okay! We are outta here.

Hope to see some of you at the show!





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