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Fun On The Computer


While I was colouring the "One Day on Georgian Bay" story (see previous post) I was getting used to the GNU image manipulation program (GIMP) that I downloaded for free (like I can afford Photoshop) and thought of some other things I'd like to try.


This is from a photo I had taken a while ago and I was just trying a few techniques. I might have to get one of those drawing tablets and pens. Drawing with a mouse is like trying to draw with a bar of soap.




This is from an image I found when I did a search on "Gothic" for a commission I was working on:





Then I did one of Shel so she wouldn't get all mad because I was drawing skinny Goth Girls:





I like hers better anyway.



Then I did this:






242 individual drawings that go by in 9 seconds.

Odd what some people consider "fun".



I better get back to work.





One Tribe Anthology


James Waley asked if I would contribute 4 to 6 pages for the The One Tribe benefit comic book anthology, a non-profit book to be published in 2014. The collection is being produced in support of improving First Nations’ reserve schools in Canada.


I thought that I would try to illustrate a little incident that happened a couple of summers ago while anchored in a small cove on Killarney Bay combined with some thoughts that Shel had jotted down at the time.

At the very least it would nice to draw summer scenes as relief from this long, cold, cold winter.


This is my initial, small, very rough sketch of the first page:



Then I sketched it out full size...



...then I decided I needed some reference, especially for the writing hand in the first panel...



... the shoreline and dinghy...



 ...and the little cove we were in...



...then I resized the reference pics and pasted them into the sketch with the lettering...



...then I inked the whole thing. I decided to do this "size-as". The finished, printed version should be the same size it was drawn.



 Then I coloured it on the computer.



This is page one of a six page story that James said is, "simple but so touching."

Which is great, since that what we were going for.


Please support this project by buying one or more of the books when they come out in late August, early September.

You can check out and "like" the Facebook page here:


Also check out these:


I will post more info as it becomes available.



Update: It's still winter!!!

I've been busy doing a lot of uninteresting stuff and just trying to survive this weather.





I'll try to get some more art on here as soon as I can. Just gotta finish doing year-end first.




drawn to the light


I've been asked to contribute to "How Great Thou Art" a local event being held to raise funds for charity, one of which will be Pride Stables. When I considered what I'd like to contribute, my first thoughts turned to a whole slew of photos (about 170) that I had taken the previous summer at Grey Roots, a pioneer village museum in Grey county near where I keep my boat.


When I mentioned to someone about our visit that the light was amazing, I could tell by their reaction that they had no idea what I was talking about. I decided that what I'd like to do is try to capture what I found so striking about the light that day.


This attempt didn't go beyond the sketch stage. It just didn't have the quality I was looking for.





This got me a little closer but is an odd composition in that it's kind of unbalanced but I was getting a handle on the lighting. 





This got me another step closer but was too stark for the effect I wanted.





This one uses more of the grey wash I intended to use and is more about the light, shadows and reflections I was going for.





Okay... this is getting close.





Then I tried actually concentrating on the light itself and let everything else fade away.





In this one I literally "drew the light".





And finally, let's try one with a person in it.





I did an interview a long time ago. The guy told me that he really liked the way I rendered light and shadow. I blurted out something like, "Well, that's what it's all about; without shadow, you'd see only light and without light, you'd see nothing at all."


Seems pretty straight forward... 'til you try to get it on the page.





Adam's House...


I did a nice little commission for Adam of his house. It's going to be a gift for his wife, so don't tell anyone.




The image measures about 12 inches wide. Done with a Staedtler Pigment Liner pen and light grey wash.





I enjoy doing these "house portraits" and I think it turned out well. I hope it makes a good gift.


* * *


Meanwhile... the weather here continues be snowy, windy and bitterly cold...

I just can't tell how cold.




 Come on spring!!!




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