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more colouring...


Here's another gif of my colouring process...




I've been trying to learn Photoshop by trial and error... mostly error.

I had been using a free image editing software called GIMP because---well---it's free and I couldn't afford Photoshop. But GIMP doesn't have some features I needed for a big project that I just completed (that they want me to keep under wraps until it's released). And now you can't even BUY Photoshop anymore, you have to RENT it, which actually works out better for me.

Now I just have to get 'Photoshop for Dummies' or save up for one of those drawing tablets and stylist so that I can stop doing these things with a mouse, which is like drawing with a bar of soap.





...and don't forget that Austin is coming up fast and hope to see some of you there...




(...yes I mean you, Jake.)






colouring on the computer

Here's a little sample of the way I colour on the computer.

(The colours look a little ragged in this highly compressed GIF.)




This actually shows the process in reverse order. I start with the black and white scan, convert the white areas to transparent so the colours show through under the black. I start with the objects in the foreground and work my way back.






Our last show of the year is coming up fast.

(Click below to go to their site.)



Halloween in Austin: should be a hoot!






odds and ends...

We've finally got around to unpacking from our Columbus trip and it's time to catch up on a few things.


Here's a photo Tony sent of the Rockin' Gerebus that he's added to his wall:





Here's a sketch I did in Columbus just for fun:





And Shel and I boogie down at a friend's 70's theme party:


Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.




Back from Columbus...


Columbus, here we come...

(click above to go to their site)


We are at table A41 in Artists Alley


Looking forward to a fun weekend!




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