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I’d really rather be sailing…

Here’s a doodle I did a while ago, probably while on hold with CCAC or CSC or ASWW or some other acronym of our health care system waiting to find someone to help me with my 84-year-old, diabetic mother with Alzheimer’s.

Caring for her has become my new full-time job.


I will post new art when I can get back to the old drawing board.




Sketches and stuff...

Geez... can't believe that it's been two weeks since I updated this blog.


I've been very busy working (okay... obsessing) on a very large commission (24" x 36")

for a client that wants me to keep it under wraps until it's ready for release.

It's the same client for whom I had done two very large pieces last year.

Now they want to delay releasing those until after they release this current one and it's all still under wraps.


Don't they know that I have a blog to feed?




I did manage to squeeze in two sketches for Ibzan.


He has an X-Men sketchbook that's shaping up nicely.

I decided to draw Kitty Pryde looking as if she is materializing out of the page.

The pencil shading didn't scan well. I think the effect works well on the original...






...and he has a Sandman sketchbook in which I decided to do Morpheus doffing his helmet to reveal...

...Neil Gaiman!



Also, John M. sent me a nice pic of his framed prints:



He has both the original and updated versions of the Regency to contrast and compare.

Thanks John!



Okay... back to the old drawing board.







more dreams...


"…our mission to spread McCay’s glory to a wider au­dience couldn’t end with an oversized art book. Now, to­gether with Fran­çoise Mouly and the team at TOON Books, themselves makers of transcendent children’s books and young adult comics, we are able to present this abridged collection: thirty-one carefully selected works out of the hundred and eighteen originally commissioned. Our hope is that this compact edi­tion, appropriate for bookshelves in every home, school, and library, will allow everyone the opportunity to own a piece of the dream."


-from the introduction by Locust Moon’s Josh O’Neill, Andrew Carl, and Chris Stevens


front cover:



"...when the editors of Locust Moon showed me the re­splendent comics that contemporary artists were producing as an homage to McCay’s creation, I wanted to publish this book. Once you fall into Slumberland, it’s hard to leave it. But now, thanks to some of today’s foremost cartoonists, you and I can turn page after page and start dreaming all over again."


-from the foreword by Françoise Mouly, Editorial Director of TOON Books as well as the Art Editor of The New Yorker.


…and there is also a foreword in comics form by some Art Spiegelman guy.



back cover featuring my contribution (I had to extend the border to fit the layout):








...and speaking of dreams, here's a childhood dream of mine fulfilled:



Shel saw this 'Quadrocopter' buzzing around the Wizard World St. Louis show.
She correctly surmised that I MUST have one and it is quite possibly the COOLEST thing I've seen in a while...


...and it has a camera!









Just West of the Mississippi...


Thanks to everyone at Wizard World St. Louis for making it a great show!


See you in Chicago!!!






Day of the Dead...


The Walking Dead #1 Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis Exclusive Variant Cover by Gerhard
All 1-Day & 3-Day General Admission attendees will receive a limited-edition, exclusive cover variant of The Walking Dead  #1 by Gerhard! Artist will be on hand to sign (autograph fees may apply). Extremely limited quantities are available to fans only while supplies last!

All VIP attendees will receive (2) limited-edition, exclusive cover variants of The Walking Dead #1! A Regular cover and Sketch Black & White Cover by Gerhard! Artist will be on hand to sign (autograph fees may apply). Extremely limited quantities are available to VIP’s only while supplies last!


As part of the arrangement with Wizard World I signed 200 copies each of the colour and black & white books.

Plus, they supplied us with the same amount of books to sell at my table.

That's a lot of zombies.

Every once in a while someone would bring a comic to the table that had this little grey aardvark on the cover.


Two more days to go!  



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