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The good news is that we updated the website!

The bad news is... we lost the Blog.

We are attempting to reinstate the old blog or we'll just have to start over with this one.

If you want to browse the old Blog you can still catch it at:



the experiment continues...

To all of you who have ordered prints: THANK YOU!!!


There's a bit of a delay in getting your prints packed up and ready to ship but they should be on their way soon.


To all of those who haven't ordered prints: ALL PRINTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!

See the post below or click on "Prints For Sale" under "Featured" right over there >>>




Low Society Launch Shindig

PRINTS ARE STILL AVAIABLE. Click on Prints for Sale right over there >>>






I attended the Low Society Launch Party on Saturday and much fun was had by all.

Thanks to Rob Walton (below, left) for his role as editor-in-chief (and a contributing writer/artist).



Special thanks to Comic Lab Press' Sean Menard for publishing. And to Kevin Boyd & Debra Shelly at the Comic Book Lounge.




the experiment continues...

ALL PRINTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE. Click on "Prints For Sale" right over there >>>




A big "Thank you!" to everyone that has ordered a print and I appreciate your patience.

Last week, I received the prints from the printer. In an effort to save a few Shekels I decided to do the trimming myself.

I may want to re-think that decision.






Having trimmed them down to size, I got them packed in their envelopes, wrapped in plastic, sorted in boxes and ready for labels.






They've kind of taken over the place...








I've sorted out (I hope) an issue I had with the bar code on the label not printing properly and they should be on their way soon.

Then it's out of my hands and at the mercy of our collective postal systems.


Fingers crossed.




keepin' busy...

ALL OF THE PRINTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! Click on Prints For Sale right over there >>>





Catching up on my colouring, a quick commission, and gettin' the boat tucked away...






"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit,
and resign yourself to the influences of each."
                                                                                                                - Henry David Thoreau


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