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Gerz Old Blog

The good news is that we updated the website!

The bad news is... we lost the Blog.

We are attempting to reinstate the old blog or we'll just have to start over with this one.

If you want to browse the old Blog you can still catch it at:



Happy Halloween

I've discovered that it's much easier and far less messy to carve pumpkins digitally...


I also started thinking that with most jack-o-lanterns the eyes are cut out, therefore they are lit up and appear as "white", while the mouth is cut out and the teeth are dark. Shouldn't the teeth be white as well? What would that look like?


Maybe something like this:






Then I wondered what that'd look like during the day...








I should get back to work.




Floor to Ceiling

When colouring 'Ear to the Ground' prints, I always turn it upside down and colour the reflection in the floor before anything else...






I kind of like how it looks this way; all topsy-turvy and with no other colours as a distraction.

Of course it doesn't last long before I turn it around and colour the rest.








Happy New Year!

We drive past this barn all the time and finally stopped to take a picture... just wanted to share it with you all.



Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.



It Never Ends... and Odds & Ends

From the Environment Canada website for today:


"Flurries and local snow squalls. Local amount 5 to 10 cm. Blowing snow. Wind southwest 30 km/h gusting to 50.

High minus 19. Wind chill minus 40."


Which is about the same as yesterday and about the same for tomorrow.



By the way... minus 40 Celsius is the same as minus 40 Fahrenheit.



This is the view out the window this morning. That frost is on the INSIDE:



 In an effort to keep this from turning into "Gerz Weather Blog", here are some odds and ends from last year.

This is just a page of doodles. The kind of stuff I do for no reason at all or while talking on the phone:



I guess you could call this a "sequential doodle":



Sometimes I find an image on Google that I just have to sketch:




This is an inked piece based on a photo I took in Mexico years ago that I always thought would make an interesting drawing:



That's it for now... time to go and figure out how to get the car to start.




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